Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Things You Should Know About Blogging (Binary Edition)

In this post I will give my 10 Thing You Should Know About Blogging. Of course, before you start reading this you should know that since this is the last week of the quarter and things are a bit busy, I decided to regard 10 in binary form. So Here We Go!!! 

1) Get personal, but not too personal. You want to be able to tell stories and share your experiences, but you got to be careful. Whenever something is written online, it is important to ask yourself two questions: "Will people know that it was me (John Doe) who wrote this?" and "Can the information hurt me in any way?". A friend of mine started his teaching career and decided to record his experience in a blog. Unfortunately, within his first few posts he wrote about an anger issue that he has dealt with his entire life and how he is taking steps to overcome this issue. What he didn't account for was that one of his student's parents would be reading his blog. To make a long story short, the parent felt their child was endangered by being in the presence of the teacher, the principal stepped in and removed him from his position, the union stepped in and the issue remains unresolved, while the teacher has no class to teach.

10) Use Google Reader. The best way to get to know other blogs and what you like and don't like, is by looking at what other people have to say. This can be tough if all you have to use are hyperlinks, as they don't keep you informed as to when new posts are added, and they don't provide a quick link to these sources in one convenient location. I believe that writing posts is important to becoming a successful blogger, but I also feel that it is just as important to read what others have to say and make comments and ask questions to the posts that interest you.

If you have no idea why I skipped from 1 to 10, then you might want to check the following link on binary numbers.


  1. Hey Scott, you can tell that I am one of those who does not understand binary. I read your post, and was about to comment back to you that I cant find your nos. 2 to 9 things I should know about blogging. I like your sense of humour! Good luck with the challenge. No. 2 is out now or does that mean you will wait for challenge no. 10?

  2. I like the thing that you write about reading other people´s blogs, but unfortunately for me I never get to posting anything of my own since I spend so much time reading ... I hope the challenge will help me.