Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Effective Blog Post (Challenge #2)

For Challenge #2, I have decided to pick the topic which states 1.Provide a link to an effective post from a blog you have found (preferably not a post you have written). What is it about this post that makes it effective? What characteristics do effective posts share?

One blog that I regularly read is the Math Teacher Mambo, since the posts are usually helpful and she writes in such a way that it is easy to follow. The post that I am evaluating for this challenge is Inspiring Words of Study Wisdom.

The reason that I think this post is effective is because it's to the point, yet concise. There's not a lot to read, which makes reading her posts not time consuming or mundane. I also like how her posts are bulleted and well organized. By posting like this, the reader is able to see the main points of discussion, since everything is organized.


  1. Thanks Scott for sharing this post. I am going to use this post with my senior students as exams approaches. In fact, I liked your post as it was short covered the content required and gave me another blog that was highly interesting.

  2. Scott, unfortunately, the link you provided did not work, so I shall go back to your comment and add the correct one for you. This will have prevented others coming to read your post.

  3. I love your tag line and the brevity of your post. You sound like an awesome teacher! As an aspiring teacher, I hope to one day implement a class blog to create a forum for discussing what we will be learning in class. New to blogging, I decided to take the Teacher Challenge to learn and prepare myself for the future!